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Recess in the press

ingredients that make a difference

powerful compounds that help our body and mind maintain a calm and balanced state

what's inside?

the flavor: subtle yet sweet, like a compliment in disguise
the taste: brewed with real dried strawberries, rose petals and rose hips for a subtly sweet flavor that feels like a long overdue hug


filtered water, strawberry rose tea infusion (filtered water, dried strawberries, dried rose petals*, dried rose hips*), pear juice concentrate, natural flavors, Recess magnesium blend (magnesium L-threonate, magnesium ascorbate, vitamin B6 as pyridoxal 5 phosphate), strawberry juice concentrate, vanilla extract, ginseng powder, L-theanine powder, lemon balm powder, monk fruit extract

*organic ingredients


  • serving size: 12 fl oz
  • carbs: 4g
  • total sugars: 3g
  • added sugars: 0g
  • calories: 20
  • magnesium: 53mg

the positive one

strawberry rose dedicates most of her energy to her volunteer life coach practice, which is built on the philosophy that all lemons must be turned into lemonade. she would be her friends’ go-to in times of crisis if her advice wasn’t so annoyingly positive (at least pomegranate hibiscus knows how to commiserate). if nobody was there to stop her, she would eat gummy candy for every meal of everyday

  • pisces
  • volunteer life coach
  • relentless optimist, despite literally everything
  • mentored by pinterest quotes
  • can communicate telepathically with Leslie Knope
  • loves girly stuff, but not cool like peach ginger

only the good stuff

  • made with real fruit
  • no fake stuff
  • low calorie
  • very delicious

the mood sampler

sparkling water infused with mood lifting magnesium and balancing adaptogens


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